Detert Pig Breeding is specialized in rearing and marketing of Danish DanAvL gilt.

Gilt can be delivered:

  • as breeding piglets
  • as production sows
  • as production gilts ready for insemination
  • as package of gilts and production sows
  • as inseminated gilts
  • as gilts at end term pregnancy (DanAvL x Pi Top Genetics or DanAvL x Danish Duróc)

DanAvL sows/gilts originate from one of the most innovative breeding systems with a higher standard of fertility. Sows produce at least five piglets more per year and have excellent mothering capabilities. The effectiveness of the breeding system translates into benefits in cost-effectiveness for your business.

Transport of breeding animals at Detert Pig Breeding is both stress-free and non-strenuous. The facility’s transportation vehicle is equipped with a fresh air sterilization system (activated-carbon filters and UV irradiation), pressure washer and disinfection system.

In addition to smooth and efficient delivery of gilts/sows, Detert Pig Breeding offers you advice and support in piglet production and fattening in order to optimize the potential for achievement of your animals.

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.