DanBred pig breeding
one of the most innovative breeding systems worldwide

DanBred breeding pigs are productive pigs of a high health status. The outstanding genetic quality of DanBred breeding pigs is the result of over a hundred years of experience from breeding with the three breeds Yorkshire, Landrace and Duróc. DanBred breeding pigs enable an economical and efficient pig production for farmers.

Your advantages from the DanBred system:

  • Every purchaser of DanBred breeding pigs is continuously provided with the newly developed and refined genetic breeding material with a high and documented level of health. By these means, the optimization of your stock is guaranteed. In addition to crossing the best animals, DanBred applies genomic selection. DNA tests are a useful tool in determining the best breeding pigs.
  • By means of ongoing health checks, every breeder of DanBred breeding pigs is monitored according to clear rules for protection against the risks of infection
  • At DanBred requests absolute transparency, which also applies to the animals. The health status of breeding pigs in all herds is documented and can be accessed online via the DanBred homepage. This openness ensures healthy competition between the different parties involved in order to secure the highest quality possible for our clients.

DanBred is leader on the Danish market for breeding pigs and recognized as one of the world’s most innovative breeding systems worldwide!

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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