DanAvL – robust piglet production and large litters

Piglets from DanBred piglet production are robust and healthy. Excellent genetic material builds the foundation to this success, achieved through more than 100 years of DanBred research. Piglets from DanBred piglet production have an excellent meat quality and high lean meat percentage (i.e. index).

Results of a production test carried out by the North Rhine-Westphalia Agricultural Chamber “Warentest IX” (June 2008) show:

  • DanBred sows have more surviving piglets per litter than sows from other systems. The report showed, that sows give birth to an average of 12,05 piglets – confirming the high fertility of DanBred sows.
  • Piglets from DanBred piglet production are ideal finishers. Due to their good genes, piglets are being able to ingest and utilise their feed to the full. The animals have a feed conversion ratio of 2,43 kg per kg weight gain.
  • DanBred piglets spend up to nine days less in the slaughterhouse in comparison to other piglets. They exhibit a daily life weight gain of 942g, while piglets from other breeding systems gain 887g per day and piglet on average.

In combination with good site management, piglet production with DanBred Genetics will channel high returns and improve overall efficiency of any production enterprise.

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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