Gilt rearing siteRulle Detert Zuchttiere

Sonja and Martin Rulle

Rulle KG
Averbeck 10
48619 Heek


After intensive cleaning of the facilities and the necessary period of vacancy before stabling, the gilt rearing site of Sonja and Martin Rulle in Heek was restocked with breeding piglets and barrows, delivered by the Stefan Heiermann gilt production. The female production stock arrives here from Heiermann’s at 25 kg weight for rearing. The Rulle farm is very experienced in the rearing of gilt and has room for 800 gilts as well as 1200 fattening barrows. The DanBred pigs receive liquid feed. High Quality is assured by means of a tailored vaccination program.

The advantages of the Rulle gilt rearing site (KG):

  • Intensive clearing and restocking from Heiermann piglet production in 2011
  • Room for 800 gilts and 1200 fattening barrows
  • Liquid feeding
  • Tailored vaccination program

Just like all rearing sites in the DanAvL system, the Rulle facilities are submitted to regular controls according to the SPF-Health Monitoring. Compliance to the highest standard of health can thereby be guaranteed.