Gilt rearing site Hilmar Fehling – over 18 years of experience

The rearing site of Hilmar Fehling can offer profound experience from 18 years of gilt rearing. After recent intensive cleaning of the site in 2012, the gilt rearing farm is partner of Detert Pig Breeding. At Fehling’s, 3000 DanBred production sows are raised through liquid feeding. The site is located ideally for rearing in an area dominated by crop farming. Hence a minimal vaccination program is needed.

The facility is currently supplied with piglets by SPF Rot in Denmark. After January 2014 piglets will be delivered by the DanBred multiplication site of Timmerhuis in Lähden – equally a a partner of Detert Pig Breeding.

Advantages of gilt rearing at Hilmar Fehling at a glance:

  • Intensive cleaning and restocking with breeding pigs from Denmark in 2012
  • Room for 3000 gilts, liquid feeding
  • Over 18 years of experience in gilt rearing
  • Sole pig production site in cropland dominated region
  • Minimal vaccination program

Just like all rearing sites in the DanBred system, the facilities of Hilmar Fehling are submitted to regular controls according to the SPF-Health Monitoring. Compliance to the highest standard of health can thereby be guaranteed.

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