Our services

We offer:

  • Fertile and stable DanBred sows (fixed supplier)
  • as gilts able for coverage
  • as production sows
  • as package of gilts and production sows
  • as inseminated gilts
  • as gilts at end term pregnancy (DanBred x Pi Top Genetics or DanBred x Danish Duróc)
  • Straightforward and easy to use concepts for successful restocking
  • Purebred sows and boars
  • Semen from premium boars for breeding, multiplication and piglet production (Duróc also available) straight from Denmark
  • Father breed boars

We can deliver:

  • Sows either from our own rearing sites or straight from fixed suppliers in Denmark (health checks every 4 weeks)
  • Advice and support from piglet production to fattening


  • Uniform carcase
  • Belly pork over 53%
  • Shorter fattening time
  • Suitable for new carcase grading scheme
  • no excess fat at high slaughter weight
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