Piglet production site and pig breeding farm Werra Obermaßfeld GmbH

Schweinezuchtanlage Werra Obermaßfeld GmbH
Inhaber: Carl-Josef Detert
Betriebsleiter: Herr Sebastian Schleicher

The piglet production site has been part of Detert Breeding Animals enterprise since 2011, when Carl-Josef Detert took over the site complete with facilities and staff. Sebastian Schleicher serves as operations manager. The piglet production site now holds a population of 1800 sow in an area where no other pig production sites are situated. Equipped with output air filters, the site is no odor nuisance to neighboring villages.

The piglet rearing site lies at 8 km distance from the main site. Production of piglets takes place on a weekly basis.

Together (production and rearing) the facility has eight employees.

The pig breeding farm Werra Obermaßfeld GmbH at a glance:

  • Sow farm taking over by Carl-Josef Detert in 2011
  • Room for 1800 sows, sole pig producer in the area
  • Piglet rearing site 8 km from production site
  • Long standing and permanent staff