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Detert Pig Breeding – your partner in rearing and multiplication of DanAvL sows.

Detert Pig Breeding is a specialist in rearing and multiplying of DanAvL sows. The family business located in Gronau-Epe provides fertile purebred Danish DanAvL sows, boars and father breed boars, as well as prime boar semen directly from Denmark. Our clients are farmers in Germany and neighbouring countries. Detert Pig Breeding guarantees to deliver breeding pigs of the highest quality and level of health from one of the world’s most innovative breeding systems.

Further assets of Detert Pig Breeding:

In addition to the delivery of the animals, we offer consultancy and support to agricultural enterprises concerning the implementation of successful restocking concepts and piglet production up until fattening.

Quality and security are of particular importance to Detert Pig Breeding. We work with the largest of the DanAvL marketing organizations SPF-Selskabet which holds a market share of over 98% in Denmark.

As a partner to DanAvL and SPF-Selskabet, Detert Pig Breeding is able to draw gilts from all breeding and multiplier herds across Denmark. As a member of the DanAvL system, we additionally have insight into the rankings of animals in relation to breeding index as well as health. We are thereby able to ensure the highest quality possible for our clients.

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

We ensure a clean drinking water - permanently!

Healthy water = healthy animals!

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