Gilt multiplication site:Timmerhuis Detert Zuchttiere

Leo and Jeroen Timmerhuis
Up´n Sande 14
49774 Lähden – Vinnen


The gilt production site of Leo and Jeroen Timmerhuis can draw upon extensive experience gained in the Netherlands, where the facility was based before relocating to Lähden – Vinnen in 2013. The site was newly build and has room for 560 highly healthy Danish Yorkshire sows that are of the highest index. Modern air input filters from the US minimize the entry of bacteria and viruses maintains the highest status of health possible.

A selection of sows is inseminated with semen from Landrace boars on a weekly basis. High quality production sows are thereby produced.

From January 2014, the gilt production site Timmerhuis will supply the gilt rearing site Fehling in Barum.

The advantages of Timmerhuis production site at a glance:

  • New buildings with room for 560 highly healthy Danish Yorkshire sows of the highest index
  • Modern air filtration systems from the US in the sow houses
  • Many years of experience
  • Weekly insemination with Landrace boar semen
  • New stalls built for rearing of 3000 piglet

Just like all rearing sites in the DanAvL system, the Timmerhuis facilities are submitted to regular controls according to the SPF-Health Monitoring. Compliance to the highest standard of health can thereby be guaranteed – an asset and absolute necessity to purchasing clients.