Gilt multiplication siteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Stephan and Katrin Heiermann

Stephan Heiermann Ferkelaufzucht GbR
Gertherstr. 140
44627 Herne

The gilt multiplication site of Stephan and KatrinHeiermann in Herne was completely rebuilt in 2011. The new stalls not were taken into use for 6 weeks from initial cleaning of the building as a measure of safety and quality before moving the sows there. The facility near the village of Herne has room for 600 highly healthy Yorkshire sows from Denmark. Only sows and insemination boars of the highest index are used here. A selection of sows is inseminated with semen from Landrace boars on a weekly basis. High quality production sows are thereby produced.

No other pig production or breeding is situated in the nearby region of this gilt multiplication site within a radius of 6 miles – making this essentially a “pig-free” area.

Advantages of Heiermann pilet rearing site (GbR) at a glance:

  • piglet rearing stalls completely rebuild in 2011, room for 3000 piglets
  • Flooring with plastic and concrete grating
  • Separate feeding stations
  • Separate hygiene locks

Just like all rearing sites in the DanAvL system, the Heiermann piglet production facilities are submitted to regular controls according to the SPF-Health Monitoring. Compliance with the highest standard of health can thereby be guaranteed – an asset and absolute necessity to purchasing clients.