danzuchtThe Danish pig breeding programme has been running since 1896. DanAvL is organised by the Danish Pig Research Centre. 49 breeders and two slaughterhouses together process 21,9 million pigs per year. 90 percent of the animals are exported.

The background to DanAvL success is the optimization of three breeds to achieve the highest possible economic efficiency. An average profit gain of 1,50€ per slaughtered pig has been achieved over the last four years.

The interdisciplinary structure of the programme allows a system that takes into account the interests of producers, clients and consumers alike. The system maintains complete transparency at the same time. All breeding data is always freely accessible to clients. As an additional safety measure clients are furthermore granted accesses to data concerning the health status of animals.

A piglet production test carried out by the North Rhine-Westphalia Agricultural Chamber of Germany found DanAvL to be one of the most efficient breeding systems worldwide and voted it winner of its product test “Warentest IX”.

SPF – Selskabet

spf-selskabetOur partner in marketing at Detert pig production is SPF-Selskabet, market leader in Denmark in the field of DanAvL genetics with a market share of 98%. As a result of the “multiplication  and distribution agreement” we are able to draw gilts from all breeding and multiplier herds in Denmark. Our rearing sites are supplied by the Storestrand breeding site.

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